Registration Form

Rocky Ridge Christian Preschool

1428 Old Charlotte Road, NC 28027

Phone (704) 795-2571


Child’s Name_____________________________________  M/F______________

Age________   Date of Birth______________________________


Parent’s Name______________________________________________________




City____________________________ Sate________ Zip Code _______________


Home Phone Number_________________________________________________

Mom’s Cell_________________________ Dad’s Cell________________________

Mom’s Work #______________________ Dad’s Work #______________________


Classes-------- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

(Please check one of these slots)

2 year old class____________________

Must be 2 by 8/31/18

3 year old class____________________

Must be 3 by 8/31/18

4 year old class____________________

Must be 4 by 8/31/18


Registration Fee - $50.00

Monthly Tuition - $150.00


Registration fee is non-refundable. Monthly Tuition is due by the 1st of each month.


Parent’s Signature__________________________________ Date:____________________


Please remember that this is a 9 month commitment. A 30 day written notice is required if at any time your child needs to leave the Preschool. Once notice is given a 30 day financial commitment is still required.