Covid-19 Protocols

Covid Protocols 


  • No parents/guardians in the building. They will drop off and pick up (we will put the student in the car and then parents would pull forward to buckle) outside with the director having a mask on and sanitizing hands between each student. 

  • Staggered entry during drop off (2’s-9-9:10, 3’s-9:10-9-:20, 4’s-9:20-9:30).

  • Temperature and symptoms check as they come in each morning. Any child above 100 will not be allowed into class.

  • Temperature checks again at lunch.

  • During Pick-up, students will stay in the class. Director/Teachers using walkies.

  • No mixing of classrooms, even during “recess”. A schedule rotating the playground, big room, and paved outdoor area will be used. 

  • Spray sanitizing each “recess” area after use.

  • Smaller class sizes. (2’s-4, 3’s-8, 4’s-10)

  • No use of water fountains. Children will bring water bottles daily.

  • No “soft” toys, stuffed animals, blankets, etc.

  • Taking books home from the “library” will be cancelled until further notice. 

  • No field trips or large group gatherings (ex. Parties, family breakfast, Thanksgiving feast, etc.)

  • Bathrooms sprayed and sanitized after each classroom’s use. For the little bathroom toilets, sinks and door knobs cleaned after each use.

  • Handwashing and hand sanitizer as much as possible throughout the day.

  • Sanitizing and steam mopping each classroom daily after pickup.

  • Teachers/Director wearing masks in the classrooms and when in the hallway or “traveling”. Surgical masks will be provided.

  • If a child shows ANY symptoms (fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, persistent cough, sore throat), they will be immediately removed from the classroom and parents will be notified. Caretaker will isolate with the child in full personal protective equipment until the parent arrives. Child must be symptom free for 72 hours to return to Preschool. 

  • If a student or staff member tests positive, preschool will be shut down immediately for at least two weeks to be cleaned and sanitized.

  • Test positive person can return after 14 days with no symptoms. 


  August 2021  
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