Benefits of Attending Rocky Ridge

Benefits of Attending Rocky Ridge Christian Preschool


Numerous studies have shown that students in a quality preschool

are more likely to succeed in grades K-12


With that in mind :

  • At Rocky Ridge Children are exposed to an education that is geared to the whole child.
  • RRCP provides high quality standards using an academic based curriculum, which focuses on preparing children in developmentally appropriate ways to be successful students.
  • Small class sizes provide individualized attention with an excellent student/teacher ratio.
  • RRCP provides an environment equipped for a child's comfort and needs.
  • We use age appropriate content, materials and equipment.
  • RRCP provides opportunities to develop intellectually, academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Our Preschool has a computer lab to enhance academics and motor skills.
  • At RRCP academic emphasis is place on alphabet, numbers, fine and gross motor development, and problem solving.
  • Field trips are scheduled to enhance the academic experience.
  • At RRCP, family involvement is an integral part of helping children become successful students.


  June 2021  
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